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Kayd Mayd Halcyon Daze

“The brooding & blissful Halcyon days.” – Walt Whitman.

When I first looked at this piece, it reminded me of my Halcyon respirator I use for  diving and how much enjoyment I get from water. I chuckled to myself as I thought of this. After taking this piece down to the river and enjoying the mandatory testing,  it came to me. “The Brooding & Blissful Halcyon Days” a Walt Whitman quote I  remembered from childhood. Thus, the name stuck and here we are. Halcyon days. A tranquil period of happiness, especially in the past. The phrase refers to the period around the winter solstice that is associated with calm weather, which in Greek mythology was attributed to the power of the fabled halcyon bird that was said to calm the wind and sea.

Material : Medical Grade ABS

Size : 4″x4.5″x9″

Weight : 7oz

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